Studio Rate Card

Hourly Rate : INR 350

( A min. of 3 hours of booking required. A sound engineer/recordist is provided at no cost. )


Music Production (Album) : INR 9,000
Track14 hrs (max)
Voice Dubbing14 hrs (max)
Mixing & Mastering7 hrs (max)

Film Dubbing : INR 20,000
Voice Dubbing50 hrs (max)
BGM12 hrs (max)
Mixing & Mastering12 hrs (max)

Documentary : INR 5,000
Voice Dubbing8 hrs (max)
BGM7 hrs (max)
Mixing & Mastering6 hrs (max)


  • The package covers only the studio hours. The musician charges are not included for making music tracks and background music of film documentary or any similar job.
  • Incase it exceeds the maximum allotted hours in a package, then additional hourly rate will be applied.

  • "I have produced two albums "Akshaya Mohanty Songs" and Karaoke Tracks of that as well through And I am extremely pleased with the production quality and track arangements. I thank you the team for working professionally with a personal touch." Atasu NayakHouston,USA

  • "I am pleased to inform you that we were extremely impressed by the experience we shared with you. "

    Sudip Patnaik Maryland, USA
  • "I have carried a Bengali Music project at studio and I am quite satisfied with their work"

    Subhankar Paul NIT Campus, Rourkela
  • I have dubbed my movies and recorded 5 music albums in this studio. I am very much happy with the quality of production and professional attitude of the studio crew.

    Dinesh shaw ( CEO ) Aarati music, Odisha
  • I had an opportunity to produce an Odia Bhajan Album "ARADHANA" through I was stunned, empathetic, tear filled, and many more that takes moments I cannot fetch from said tongue to describe. I would love to thank everyone for their hard effort and contribution to our beloved and melodically inspiring music.

    Suresh Behera Illionois, USA